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A fun, safe and relaxed environment for all levels and ages

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Learn to Ride at Lisheen

Our approach at Lisheen is to teach adults and children to ride in a safe, fun and relaxed environment. We maintain a holistic approach, teaching horsemanship alongside riding technique.

Beginner Lessons

Depending on experience and ability, we may start beginners (whether children or adults) on the lunge, so that they learn to sit and balance correctly. We often teach riding without hands first; then we progress to giving you or your child the reins. This develops balanced riding and an independent seat.

Pony Rides

For younger children (approx 2 - 6) we offer 15 or 30 minute led pony rides, with the chance for you to walk alongside your child and be part of the experience.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Much Do Lessons Cost?

Led Pony Rides for younger children - 30 minutes $35 (ages 2 – 6 – suits first timers and little ones.)

Riding Lessons: (10% Discount for 10 Lessons/Per Term)
New Riders - We recommend a one-off lesson to make sure you or your child likes riding lessons before you commit to the term.
Individual Lessons:
30 min - $65
45 min - $85
60 min – $100
15min Pony Ride - $30
Group Lessons:
2 people – 45 min (shared) $60 per person ($120)
2 people - 60 min (shared) $80 per person ($160)
3 people - 45 min (shared) $50 per person ($150)
3 people - 60 min (shared) $65 per person ($195)

Where Are You Located?

We are on Shangri La Road, Bundanoon, about a 5 minute drive from Bundanoon village, before Penrose on your left - turn off when you see the 'T' junction sign.
Go straight ahead under railway bridge and over the cattle grid. Proceed for 300m, then turn right. Drive past the round yard, arena and stables and you’ll see a carpark opposite the 3 roller door garage.

Do you do Pony Rides?

Yes! We can do short, led pony rides for younger children on weekends. Half an hour costs $35 (ages 2 – 6 – suits first timers and little ones.) Just enquire, and we can book you in.

I want to buy a horse. Can you teach me to ride plus look after my horse?

Absolutely. We can look after ('agist') your horse either temporarily or full-time. We offer full service professional care, and can even take care of breeding and foaling.

Do you sell horses suitable for riding?

Occasionally we do, or we may know somebody in the local 'horse circles' that may be interested in selling a horse perfect for you. The best idea is to come and talk to us.

Do you do horse treks?

At the moment, we don't, and this is for your safety - tuition in a controlled environment is far safer and less risky than trekking; however if our insurance allows us to offer this in the future, we will, so keep checking back or contact us.

Will Lessons Be On If It's Raining?

It depends on how wet it is. In light drizzle, perhaps, but generally lessons are cancelled in wet weather because we teach you outdoors. Contact us if you are unsure whether your lesson will be on.