Meredyth Hughes, the founder of Platypus Run Warmbloods is the person responsible for our beautifully bred horses.

We don't put a time frame on breaking them in, because ultimately we believe horses need a solid foundation of tools and understanding for a good start to life.

Helga does most of our ridden work. Being a light rider she can train a vast variety of horses, from ponies to large horses.

If you have a horse that needs a few extra days of work or even a pony that needs a tune up every now and then please enquire within.

We also offer:
Foal Handling
Corrective Ground Work
Ridden Work
Dressage Fundamentals
Agistment with full care
Full-time Training
Training of horse and rider - to guide you through problem moments and find confidence for you both as a team

All our performance horses have been carefully brought on from a young age. Emily has been our faithful trainer for the past 10 years.

Her aim is to have calm and confident horses that have been given the opportunity to grow in body and mind.

To reduce the risk of them breaking down mentally or physically and going on to live a long riding life, we like to give the horses time to mature before putting too much stress on joints and mind.

Emily has a 'moving the feet' training approach and likes to teach our horses to think down to where they are putting their feet.

She likes to give them time to work things out for themselves, as some take more time than others.