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Sue_TankardMy horses have never been happier since their extended holiday at Lisheen Agistment in the Southern Highlands. A short spell over last summer has progressed into a longer term agistment arrangement - my youngster has had a chance to fully develop on beautiful pastures and is being gently and meticulously eduacted both on the ground and under saddle. My older chap is enjoying semi-retirement and is teaching me the joys of getting out of the arena and into the 'real world' on the picturesque trails which envelope Lisheen Agistment. If you are a Sydney-based equestrian who wants to spell or retire your beloved equine.....if you want to take your hardworking  competition horse on a holiday where you can both enjoy the fresh air and space....if you want to put your mare into foal but need to put her somewhere safe with professional care.....take a drive down the M5 and turn off at GoldenVale Road at Sutton Forrest...Meredyth and Emily will happily show you around the property and address all your queries and concerns.

Susan Tankard

PICT0008Iíve been sending my horses to Lisheen Agistment for over eight years now. My need for Lisheenís facilities has varied from short holiday spells for my working horses, to long-term care for my brood mares and foals. Lisheen offers short or long term board and full brood mare care & a foaling down service, as well as horse-handling for foals and young stock, through to a full starting program under saddle.

The property itself is exceptionally well-planned and laid out, with safety and horse needs a priority. Glorious pastures, excellent fencing and practical facilities for working both young and experienced horses, has meant great peace of mind for me, particularly when Iíve been overseas. I never have to worry that my horses are not receiving the exact care they need, whether it be feed requirements, physical therapy, veterinary nursing care or handling.


Lisheen staff provide the best starting programs for young horses of my experience. With handling starting from birth, through to the first time under saddle, my horses have all grown up into useful, calm and sensible saddle horses. All my young stock have found marvelous Ďforeverí homes and donít end up being continually being sold on because they are frightened, uneducated or unmannered. I have so much to thank Meredyth and Emily for Ė they are an outstanding team of horsewomen with a caring yet practical approach to horse handling and training.

I canít recommend Lisheen and itís staff highly enough to anyone seeking the best of accommodation for their horses. Itís been an incredible boon to know my horses were in such excellent, professional and careful hands over the years. 

Helen McLennan

Ariga Morgan Stud

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