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At Lisheen Agistment we offer the best care for your horse. We specialise in looking after broodmares, growing out young horses and caring for retired horses. Below are some reasons why you will have total peace of mind when your horse is a Lisheen Agistment.

ɤ     Nutritionally balanced pasture to minimise supplementary feeding. 
      Our soil and pasture is tested regularly and is balanced with organic 
      fertilisers. Some older horses with problems such as teeth may need a 
      specialised feed  for older horses which we cater for. 

ɤ     Healthy pasture with low worm burdens. This is maintained through 
      strategically timed rotation, harrowing, worming and cross grazing with 
      cattle. Cattle have different worm species to horses and when they pick 
      up the horse worms the worms die as they pass through the cattle.

ɤ     Horses are paired up in groups with personalities that get along well. 
      This makes for happy, relaxed horses. We also keep gelding and mares 
      in separate groups on different sides of the property.

ɤ     Large 10 acre paddocks with plenty of shade trees. This gives your 
      horse lots of room to relax or play.

ɤ     Safe drinking water. Clean bore water runs into large troughs and all the
      dams are fenced off.

ɤ     Individual attention. All horses are checked thoroughly daily.

ɤ     Safe fencing to insure your peace of mind. Post and rail with netting and
      stand-off electric line the private road. The interior fencing has netting 
      with sight wire and stand-off electric.

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